A Void Dance


A Void Dance (1984? 1985?) (super-8, 20 minutes) is on a temporary if lengthy leave of absence. In 1998-99, right as I was starting to shift from super-8 film to mini-dv digital camera work, I wanted to work on some of the footage in A Void Dance. I had filmed a white goose in the dark at a farm in Michigan in 1981. Then I refilmed the footage, for four generations, until the goose was an abstract white moving shape on a dark blue background. In 1998-99 I had not started editing with a non-linear digital program. I had a super-8 viewer that was getting on my nerves. So I pulled the goose out of the movie, since it was not in one spot but spread out over the length of the film. Then I summarily lost the footage. It is on a reel somewhere, now being looked at by several people all these years later, with the hope of locating the goose…Too much information? Here’s more: A Void Dance was one part of a trilogy of super­8 films: Coffee Interviews by Paul Bishow, Radioactive Heroin by Pierre DeVeaux, and A Void Dance by Pam Kray, all about 20-30 minutes long. It was a first attempt by me to make something longer than a couple of super-8 3­minute reels. I hope to get it back together soon. I will upload some stills here as soon as I can. 


Chapter of
6 min. super8
chapter of_1chapter of_2

A plane ride, students revolt. It’s a short chapter.


Constrictor Construction
3 min. super8

My first film. Snake eats rat. Snake loves rat.