5 min. (excerpt) super8 handcranked and captured on mini-dv

archaeology_1archaeology_2 archaeology_3archaeology_4


Vintage super-8 pornography handcranked and shot off super-8 viewer on mini-dv. Looks choppy; images emerge out of a haze—archeology of the porn images in a pseudo-flipbook.


Smalltown Dr. So & So
8 min. super8


Smalltown Dr. So & So from Pam Kray on Vimeo.

Dance performance of same title. Choreography by Selene Colburn.
Not exactly a collaboration. I shot and edited this dance piece choreographed by Selene Colburn in San Francisco in 1993. In 1994, I performed live in another version of the dance piece and at one performance this movie played behind the dancers. I added this soundtrack, provided by the Italian group CCC CNC NCN.


My Year Without Words
super-8 and live band

my year_1my year_2my year_3

Life, its spectacles and subtexts. Played with Multicide (PL) and Katrin Regelski sculpture in Tábor and Hamburg, Germany in 1996 as part of the CESTA and Fact eV Orient to Occident Hamburg festivals.


Fast Forward
VHS and live performance
fast forward_1fast forward_2fast forward_3fast forward_4


First time out of film into video: video as a willing participant in performance.
Spoken word, dance and video; with Hope Clark, Maureen Leak and Jesse X.