Six Degrees of High Plains Drifter
14 min. mini-dv

six degrees_1 six degrees_2
six degrees_3six degrees_4
six degrees_5


A mash up of the movies: High Plains Drifter (Clint Eastwood) and Six Degrees of Separation (Fred Schepisi) played out in a senior independent living community in Sun City, Arizona.


Essentially a Gambling People
22 min. mini-dv

Essentially a Gambling People excerpt from Pam Kray on Vimeo.

A little bit of the history and romance of gambling in the U.S. and the relationships, if any, of media to gambling popularity.

Motomanhattan/The Art of Falling performance installation
film/dv; 6-minute loop

This piece contains overlapping content that stood alone as 6-minute that, as a longer piece, accompanied the live Catherine Hourihan 5-dancer performance. A very collaborative work developed over 3 years; but we worked very individually, perhaps both as choreographers: Catherine with dancers; me with screens.


Virtually Certain
5 min. mini-dv

virtually certain_2 virtually certain_3
virtually certain_5virtually certain_9
virtually certain_10


3-channel video loop, some replay of themes in Wanna Bet (2005) and mixed with a discussion of the development of communication and public media in America (and internationally).


Wanna Bet
10 min. mini-DV

wanna bet_1 wanna bet_2
wanna bet_3wanna bet_4


A day (or two) at the races. A well-rounded education.


Sanctuary: Last of the Artists
5 min. mini-dv

sanctuary_1 sanctuary_2
sanctuary_3 sanctuary_4



Mockumentary on the plight of NYC artists, but oh, it is true.

Gone Global
5 min. mini-dv and super8

gone global_1 gone global_2
goe global_3



The globe was breaking and I helped it along. Of course, as the song predicted I would, I miss it.