Parts of my catalog are now available for rental as well as sale through The New American Cinema Group: The Film-makers’ Coop.  


A compilation of my early super-8 films: Films from the Naïve Period

- The Ghost Sonata (originally 16mm), 5 minutes
- The Million Heirs (16mm), 18 minutes
- Penis Puppets (super-8), 11 minutes
- Piss Mission (super­8), 9 minutes
- Consenting Children (super-8), 25 minutes

DVD NTSC Rental: $40; Sale: $75

available at
The Film-makers’ Coop

The Ghost Sonata and The Million Heirs are available to rent in 16mm.

The Ghost Sonata 16mm rental: $20
The Million Heirs 16mm rental: $50

available at
The Film-makers’ Coop

Mushroom Seekers DVDs are available through this site, the Film-makers’ Coop, or the Wise Woman Bookshop. A variety of payment methods are possible. 

Non-profit, library and educational rates are available for Mushroom Seekers. For special rates, write to: info*at*

Mushroom Seekers DVD: $15

or available at
The Film-makers’ Coop

Pam Kray page in FMC catalog
The Wisewoman Bookshop
or visit the Mushroom Seekers page directly

Essentially a Gambling People: 22 minutes. Video essay on attractions of gambling historically in the USA: available for rental and dvd sale.

Essentially a Gambling People DVD $15

For the following, inquire at: info*at*

- Virtually Certain: 3-channel video and sound installation, 5-minute loop.
- Six Degrees of High Plains Drifter: 14 minutes. Narrative fiction available as short feature and as installation.


Coming soon: t-shirts, still frames and posters. Watch for lists here or inquire: info*at*